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Secure servers

With our high speed & secure server we are proud to keep your important files safe.

Encrypted Files

We encrypted your files in most secure way to keep your personal files safe from everyone else.

Secure Reshare

Easy to share your media with your own " Pass Phrase " with direct download link & etc.

Terms of use

Anything you should know about what things we care about
and may make trouble for your account

Terms of use
What you should care about:
Our policy is about " Copyright laws " & " Bad contents restrictions " , every user has to know what we most care about and do not use our service to share any media  with this content. We will remove any media about "Pornographics, Insulting religious character and religions, Nuisance sexual contet, Annoying content, Insulting nationalities and tribes & any content againts copyrights law " from our servers.
Have we any region restrictions?

As you know, we have not any region restrictions, Its our policy & our goal to expand eastCloud all over the world,even for countries wich restricted our people.


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